Village of Hobart
2990 South Pine Tree Road
Hobart, WI 54155

Village of Hobart Wisconsin Demographics


The Village includes 33 square miles of sheer beauty in its prestigious neighborhoods, rolling farms and growing business economy. We have over 8,500 residents are growing at a faster rate than any other municipality in Brown County. In Hobart you will find yourself steeped in rolling land of lush greenery and lovely homes surrounding spacious golf courses and a growing commercial sector.

Community Background

Hobart’s origins are rooted in the original Northwest Territory surrounding the Great Lakes. It is founded upon ancestral lands of the Menominee Indian tribe. While a Treaty of 1838 created a temporary reservation for then migrating Oneida tribal members from New York, the former reservation land was entirely ceded to the State of Wisconsin upon its statehood. In the late 1800’s a majority vote of Wisconsin Oneida tribal members elected to have the reservation entirely allotted to individual tribal members through the Dawes Act of 1887.

Tribal members discovered during the allotment era that having land required roads, so from 1892 until 1908 Oneida tribal members pleaded with Brown and Outagamie County Supervisors to establish and incorporate towns, so that municipal tax could be collected for the creation of roads and schools.  In 1908, the Town of Hobart was created and became local authority. By the early 1900’s numerous European settlers obtained land within the Town of Hobart, joining with Oneidas for the area’s primary use of the land – farming.

As time passed and population grew, so did the needs of the residents.  The local government responded by graduating to a village in 2002.

Today, the Village of Hobart is an important part of the Green Bay regional community, is located next to the Austin-Straubel Airport, and just minutes from rail and shipping resources along Lake Michigan.